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C Class / 5 m luokka

C/5m luokan säännöt niin kuin  American Canoe Association on ne määritellyt:

CLASS “C” (5 METER) All rules and specifications are as in the definitions and universal rules unless otherwise noted.


b. Length: Maximum length is 564 cm. (18.51 ft.).

c. Beam: Minimum beam 83.8 cm. (33 ins.).

d. Cross Section: Minimum beam at 10.16 cm. (4 ins.) waterline shall be 88% of maximum beam. Minimum beam of 88% to be measured at the hull’s maximum beam.

No minimum depth.

h. Decking: Decks are permitted over 2/3 of the length of the canoe. Canoes shall be open from gunwale to gunwale, and vertically to the bottom, for 1/3 of its length.

A maximum of two cubic feet of floatation is allowed within the designated open section.


a. Mast: 10 cm. (3.94 ins.) maximum diameter.

Mast may have a maximum permanent curve of 2.54 cm. (1 inch) head to heel, measured along trailing edge or slot.

Width of mast minimum 50% of the fore and aft dimension.

b. Boom: Any shape allowed in the universal rule. 8 cm. (3.15 ins.) maximum diameter.

Wishbone boom permitted.

c. Gaff: Gaff must be straight and may have a curve of 2.54 cm. (1 inch) head to heel measured along trailing edge or slot.


Maximum height of sail is 490 cm. (16.09 ft.).

Maximum sail area is 5.11 square meters (55 sq. ft.).


5. RUDDER Permitted


Total weight of canoe rigged and ready to sail with minimum crew shall not be less than 115 kg (253.5 lbs).

11. TRAVELERS permitted

12. J-C STRAPS permitted

13. OUTHAULS permitted

14. JIB STICKS permitted

15. VANGS permitted